boat on a raging waters

Confidence in the tempest

Time ebbs and flows to a melodic rhythm akin to the sway of nature. At times it is smooth and calm, and we smell the roses and write down gratitude journals as we sip on chamomile tea. Other times it rages, and as a tempest it rocks our lifeboats, swinging us into utter chaos. And in these times, we hold on for dear life.

We hang on tight to the sides, wet and fatigued. Wet from the waters splashing onto us. Wet from the tears that we no longer bother to wipe off our faces. We are fatigued from the thrusting, the holding tight and the now painful calluses forming on our former soft palms. We are tired of being tired.

As the disciples called out to Christ, we raise our eyes to the heavens as a call for help. For our tongues are heavy and our throats ache from the wailing of our hearts. While the disciples woke Him up from His slumber in panic and devastation, we know different. For we know He is the Prince of Peace who calms whichever raging storm.

Whilst the disciples called to Him in fear of the unknown, we look to Him in confidence of what we know. For we know he quieted their storm. We know He hushed the anger of the raging waves. But better yet, He is present with us right now.

As David looked to the hills, we watch the tempest as it sends waves rising and crushing back at sea. We look in awe.

While our fears may hold us back and try to make us cower, we hold fast to the knowledge of where our help comes from.

First, we acknowledge there is help and it is on its way. Second, we are confident, not only because help is coming, but more so because we know from where it comes. That it will always be right on time, sufficient for our needs.

So what do we do in the meantime?

We call on Him. We call in praise and worship for we know that this tempest will be calmed. As Paul and Silas sang in their shackles, so will we. While we may still be wet and fatigued, we sit in the warmth and peace that this too shall pass, eventually. It may be now or later, but joy will be coming in our morning. It matters not when or what time for He is in our now and our now will receive His peace and care.

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