the small things

In my mind, I dream of days unseen. I dream of beautiful days full of bliss and laughter. I pick from former smiles and past banter, the joys of life and paste them onto that future. I see you look into my eyes, your soul’s purity and innocence looking back at me. At that moment, I feel the beats of our hearts rise and then plateau, matching each other’s rhythm. I can hear you giggle, and I can see you blush. Is there a truer picture of beauty?

Fighting for space in my thoughts are also nightmares of the days to come. I look at society, deep in filth and worry for the future. It appears dull and gloomy, with images of the young looking for identity and comfort, lost in vain pursuits. Financial desperation lurks, searching for those souls that squandered their opportunities under the guise of chasing after passion. I wonder how many could be suffering from regret already.

But then I choose to focus on you and the radiant smile that curves across your lips as our eyes lock. I notice the smallness of your neck and the cold hanging on to the tip of your fingers. Your teeth are deep white, an innocent white, a white with no blemish – free from coffee and turmeric stains. I feel your tight embrace, a hug so welcoming, washing away my past worries. A hug filled with mama’s love passed down from generations past, packaged in one.

Amid my warring hopes and fears, I will keep dreaming of days unseen. And as I dream, I will open my eyes to see the beauty in the midst of my now. My eyes will keep searching into yours. I will look for the dance of your pupil, the widening of your iris, the blush of your blinking lashes. For in these small indulgences, I will find the beauty of life – the beauty of kindling love.

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