The Silenced Night

The night screams and groans in agony as the silence strangles and chokes the life out of it. The day, long gone, can’t come to its rescue. And the moon, deaf and mute, hears none of its cries.

The dogs, as if mourning the loss of the night, wail in sequence, one after the other more join in on the chorus. They wail at the moon and the stars. They call out louder and louder. But the moon, now slipping behind the clouds, fails to notice them.

The wails of the dogs quiet down as the silence pins the night to the ground. The night wrestles with the silence and manages to wriggle out of silence’s death grip as a turbo-charged engine makes its way home, revving through the silence.

As the engine comes to a lull outside the steel gates, the night and the silence free themselves of each other and stand in a stalemate. Their breaths are heavy, and their posture bent, but their resolve is unshaken.

The vehicle drives through the open gates and goes into the compound. The engine finally takes a rest.

A blow lands on the night and connects right on its cheek, sending the night sprawling to the ground. The silence towers over the night. There’s no other option but to surrender to the silence.

But then, just as the silence smirks to proclaim victory, a bright flash of light appears. In its blinding shine, the night ducks from the silence. Following the flash of light is thunder, which spearheads into the temple of the silence.

The rain falls on the earth, and the iron sheets crack on. The silence flees as the night lives to fight – after another day.

Photo by Ethan Hoover on Unsplash

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