Dying Embers

The old bus rattled and rumbled down the country road under the hot midday sun. James couldn’t bear the view of the lifeless countryside and shifted his attention to his fellow passengers. Apart from the driver and a middle-aged man who struggled to keep his head upright and eyes open facing a newspaper, the rest …

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Phoning the Past

It’s often a wonder how life seems to unfold right before us but yet off our sight. We are often surprised by the time that has managed to sneak past us. We are pulled back to the realization by the mundane of things. Be it a government form that requests for your age; a stranger …

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Anticipate the Rains

Kama has a rude face. Or at least that was my first impression of him when we met. He bears a face you would imagine behind a hangman’s mask — the face of a man who would enjoy dragging you to the gallows. If you ask me, he might as well be skilled in making a guillotine.