Dying Embers

The old bus rattled and rumbled down the country road under the hot midday sun. James couldn’t bear the view of the lifeless countryside and shifted his attention to his fellow passengers. Apart from the driver and a middle-aged man who struggled to keep his head upright and eyes open facing a newspaper, the rest …

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Facing The Past

It had been twenty-four years since she’d last seen it, but the house looked the same, save for a family of doves that pecked on the hard ground for all they could get. Her heart sank in pity. A large mugumo tree hung over the side of the house casting a gloomy shadow over it …

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The Intersection

It’s a bit difficult writing this to two people, at different places, at different times — yet still linked. But here goes my piece to my past self, a query to my future self — at the intersection. To my former self, I did grow up. I still haven’t grown a full beard, save for …

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